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Riser Top Plates

Once you have chosen your correct riser base, you are ready to choose your top plate. All top plates fit into any base or side plate, so just choose the top plate that suits your application from our options.

Choose the correct top plate for your application, whether that be paving, aluminium track or wooden/composite joists.


C3/4T 3MM Joint - Top plate for porcelain and concrete paving.

CO - Top plate with a flat surface to use when placing additional plates under porcelain and concrete paving, where a spacer is not needed.

C3/4T BT 3MM Joint - For use on paving, with a self-adhesive layer which gives extra fixing support essential for balconies, terraces or flat roofs to reduce the risk of wind lift. Can be used just on the outer row.

C-Clip - Top plate compatible with Pavetuf Aluminium Support System. Width between the lugs is 76mm

CPV+ - Top plate for wooden or composite joists with a 5-point, rotating fixation at the side to ensure the joist is centered on the plate. The width between the fixation and the lug is 75mm.

F30* - The F30 Extension piece adds 30mm to the riser support, and fits in any base or side base. These are 30mm sections, with a maximum of 9 allowed per riser.

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