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  • Our Pavetuf range of products is available to purchase through our extensive network of distributors and stockists. To find your nearest stockist, please contact us.

  • With Pavetuf Adjustable Risers it is simple to create an area using both paving and decking. There is no need to order different bases as our whole system simply clicks together meaning you can order your base height and the top plate that suits the product to be laid.

  • The Risers are very robust with a crush resistance of 1100-1150kg per Riser and a load bearing weight of up to 2400kg per square meter which is equal to 600kg per Riser.

  • See our Pavetuf Adjustable Riser Usage & Instructions Guide for full details on how many pedestals you will need to use for both paving and decking installations.

  • Laying on uneven ground is made easier by using one of our two options to help you keep it all level. Our HA5 Self-Levelling attachment is sold separate and simply clips into the base to assist with levelling of uneven ground up to 5%. Our HS2 Slope Corrector can be stacked underneath the adjustable riser base to reduce inclination differences from 2% to 10%. Each Slope Corrector will give you a 2% difference and you can use up to five of these under each riser.

  • Pavetuf Decorative Channel Drain system is a perfect choice for both pedestrian and light vehicular traffic areas. The system is tested in accordance with EN 1433:2003 standard and meets A15 and B125 classes. Pavetuf Decorative Channel Drain will meet the A15 Class with the Channel Drain laid on its own. When laid with the Grate, along with the appropriate concrete support at the sides, it will meet the B125 Class.

  • Pavetuf Jointing Compound is only suitable for domestic foot traffic. However, our Pavetuf Jointing Mortar is perfectly suited to most driveway applications.

  • Yes, you can however a pressure-washer may not be needed. We have made cleaning easy with our full and comprehensive range of Pavetuf maintenance products, negating the need for the use of high-pressure power washers.

    Our cleaners can treat all kinds of different stains and dirt build up. Please use the chart below to identify the cleaner to suit your requirements. If you do choose to use a pressure washer, do not clean your paving and newly installed Pavetuf Jointing Compound until it is fully cured, at least 4 weeks after installation.

    When you clean the patio hold the power washer on a low pressure, at an angle of about 45 degrees and use a fan spray from no closer than 300mm from the paving joints. Alternatively, often a hose and brush will suffice to remove built-up dirt and debris.

    Grey Composite Decking Cleaner Swatch
  • The mixture that makes up the Pavetuf Jointing Compound simply cures in contact with the oxygen in the air. During packaging the product is vacuum packed and sealed so it cannot cure. Once the bag is open it starts the curing process. Water stops the product curing during installation which allows time to work with the Pavetuf Jointing Compound for as long as you need and it will only then start to cure once the water has freely drained away and the moisture in the joints has gone. Therefore, it is essential to lay your paving on a semi-permeable bed so the water can drain freely away.

    See the Semi-Permeable Base section on Page 8 of our Guide to Using Jointing Compound for guidance on this. Any unused product can be kept from this air curing process by putting it back in the tub and covering it with water.

  • When used correctly Pavetuf Jointing Compound will not stain the paving. Staining can occur if insufficient water has been used during the installation, allowing the compound to leave a temporary resin stain. The staining is broken down by UV, so areas that are subject to a lot of sunshine will progress quicker than shaded areas. It is advised that it may take a full cycle of the seasons before it diminishes completely. Usually, the initial staining will have quite a sheen to it. This will last for 2-4 weeks before the stain then becomes a more matt finish, then over the coming weeks and months this darkness lightens off until, eventually, it will dissipate altogether.

  • Yes, one of the benefits of Pavetuf Jointing Compound over traditional jointing methods is that is can be applied in wet weather. However, if extreme weather is forecast like heavy prolonged rain, snow, freezing conditions and extremely high temperatures.

    Please refer to our Suitable Weather Conditions section on Page 9 of our Guide to Using Jointing Compound.

  • Unlike some sealers on the market, Pavetuf Sealers are non-toxic, technically advanced, water-based, and are solvent-free, making them an environmentally friendly option. They have been designed to delay the penetration of water and oily liquids allowing time to clean up any spillage to prevent staining of the hard landscaped area. With the added benefit of being breathable, not only can they be used to seal your paving before installation, but they can also be used immediately after.

  • Our Pavetuf Rust Remover is a fast-acting treatment for the removal of marks left on landscaping areas by metal garden furniture, metal fire pits and chimineas. It is a non-corrosive, specially formulated cleaner that is safe to use on natural stone, sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, concrete, porcelain, and brickwork.

  • Our Pavetuf Deep Cleaner is an effective high-performance cleaner, helping to remove stubborn greasy stains and heavy soiling. This powerful cleaner has excellent degreasing properties and can be used on all areas externally on any type of natural stone including sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, brickwork, render and all types of concrete. This easy-to-use versatile product can also be used internally on porcelain and ceramic tiles where a normal strength cleaner is not enough. Formulated with biodegradable components and degreasing agents, giving you fast and long-lasting results.

  • Our Pavetuf Green-Off Cleaner is a high-performance, long-lasting advanced formula that removes organic growth which causes green stains on paving. Containing no solvents, acids or caustic soda means it will not damage the treated surface and is safe to use on all natural stone, sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, porcelain, ceramic, and any kind of concrete and decorative paving. Green-Off Cleaner will not affect the colour of the treated area and is fast acting and easy to apply. It is particularly effective on areas where algae, moss, fungus and leaf staining occur. It is easily applied using a watering or a garden pump sprayer. Pavetuf Green-off takes the hard work out of cleaning your paving.

  • The entire Pavetuf range of cleaners has been thoroughly tested and are safe to use on any natural stone product. The Pavetuf range of cleaners boasts twelve different options, from everyday to heavy duty cleaners and specific solutions for different types of staining. Whether you want a general tidy up or you are trying to remove stubborn stains, the Pavetuf range of cleaners has you covered. Click here to see the full range.