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Like anything, we love to keep our new purchases pristine and your garden and driveway are no different! The Pavetuf range of cleaners boasts twelve different options, from everyday to heavy-duty cleaners and specific solutions for different types of landscaping materials and staining.

Whether you want a general clean or are trying to remove stubborn stains, the Pavetuf range of cleaners has you covered.

Using the wrong cleaners can damage your investment! Head to the Knowledge Hub for a comparison chart.

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All cleaners in the Pavetuf range are:

  • Fast acting
  • Powerful and effective
  • Easy to use
  • Provide long-lasting results
  • Cleans and revives
  • Non-acidic

Please refer to the Pavetuf Knowledge Hub for further information on our Pavetuf cleaners, including usage instructions and safety data sheets. Using the wrong cleaners can damage your investment so make sure to take a look at our comparison chart to see which one you should choose for different stains.