Pavetuf is a range of products to enable the installation and maintenance of all your hard landscaping needs.

The Pavetuf range provides tools and products that you may need to cut, install and joint your paving, through to protecting and cleaning it.


  • Our Squeegee and Blade provides you with the right tools for the job of cutting and jointing your installation.
  • Jointing Products including Porcelain Grout and an All-Weather Compound, so no matter what your installation and sub-base is, we have a jointing option for you.
  • Adjustable Risers to provide an alternate system to lay both porcelain and decking products, where a more traditional installation method is either not possible or not desired.
  • Our Edgings provide a range of structural restraints, decorative edge finishes and colourful edgings to separate various landscaping materials, allowing for neat lines and finishes.

  • The Pavetuf Decorative Channel Drain provides a practical yet stylish solution for landscape drainage including grates and catch basins in a range of colours and patterns.


  • Our Satin & Invisible sealers provide long-lasting protection to your paving installation. Being fully breathable, they can be applied before or immediately after the product has been laid, and allow extra time to clean up spillages that would otherwise stain.
  • Our Satin Ultra & Invisible Ultra sealers provide the same benefits as our standard range, but with an even higher level of protection. Ideal for busy family homes where spillages could occur more often!


Using the wrong cleaners can damage your investment! To keep your products looking spick and span all year round, you can rely on our comprehensive range of external use, Pavetuf specialist cleaners. The range boasts twelve different options and has been designed for general everyday use, through to removing specific stubborn stains:

  • Our General & Deep Cleaner have been designed to tackle both everyday cleaning and tough, deep cleaning respectively. They are perfectly safe to use on most hard landscaping materials, for full usage instructions please refer to the Pavetuf Knowledge Hub.
  • Our range of specially formulated specialist cleaners has been designed to tackle specific types of staining that are commonplace on patios. From organic green staining to salts and rust, our specialist cleaners have been specially formulated to remove these types of stains.
  • We also offer a wide range of cleaners designed for various landscaping materials, from porcelain to composite and UPVC. To view our full range of Cleaners, please click here