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Adjustable Risers

The Pavetuf Adjustable Riser System offers an alternative method of installation to a traditional mortar bed install. Offering a robust suspended system with a loading bearing capacity of up to 2400kg per square metre and a crush resistance of 1100-1150kg per riser.

The pedestal system is specifically designed for use with both porcelain paving and composite or timber decking and allows the;

  • Levelling of patios, flush to buildings, without compromising the damp proof courses, to create sleek inside to outside areas.

  • Conversion of unused rooftops into attractive, hard wearing areas, increasing the footprint of properties.

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  • Use with a mix of landscaping materials - The Risers are available in a wide range of telescopically adjustable heights with interchangeable Top Plates and accessory pieces to allow for various landscaping materials i.e. porcelain, concrete and also composite and wood decking.
  • Can mix paving and decking elements within the same area - This is possible when using the relevant Top Plate, due to its ability to adjust the level of the base to give the correct finishing height.
  • Use on balconies, terraces or flat roofs - Paving and decks can be applied to these areas with the use of our innovative Top Plate, C3/4T BT, due to its self-adhesive layer that gives extra fixing support that is crucial for these areas to help reduce the risk of wind lift.
  • Extremely robust - The Risers are very robust with a crush resistance of 1100-1150kg per Riser and a load-bearing weight of up to 2400kg per square meter which is equal to 600kg per Riser.
  • Negates the need for jointing to paved area - The system allows water to drain freely underneath.
  • Hides services but retains easy access for maintenance - The elevated system promotes good airflow and allows pipes, cables, services and drainage channels to be hidden away out of sight and gives easy access for maintenance.
  • Ease of installation and removal - The system is quick and easy to install and can be moved over and over again, so if you move you can take your products with you.
  • 100% recyclable - Made from 100% recycled polypropylene.
  • Precision - Standard stock available from 35mm to 110mm giving you millimetre precision for a completely flat upper surface and with an option to extend by using the simple extension piece to build up the pedestals in 30mm increments. By using the stackable slope corrector or the HA5 Self-Levelling attachment, you can allow for incline differences of 2% to 10%. 110mm to 170mm height options are available to order.

For installation guidance please refer to the Pavetuf Adjustable Riser Usage Instructions.