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Grey Jointing Compound

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Our Grey Jointing Compound pairs well with a wide variety of landscaping products, from blacks and greys to buffs and lighter tones too.

A straightforward solution for filling joints. It can be used externally in almost all weathers, all year round.

Pavetuf provides one of the best jointing compounds for porcelain, concrete and natural stone paving. Easy to apply with water and a brush or a squeegee, Pavetuf Jointing Compound gives an effective and quick way to fill joints.


  • Covers approx. 15m2*

  • Apply with water, the joints would need to be free draining for this air cured product

  • Walk in 24 hours**

  • Fast & easy to apply in all weathers

  • No waste, excess product can be stored with water in the tub

  • Can fill joint widths from 5mm-20mm & joint depths from a minimum of 20mm

  • 10-15 times faster to apply than the traditional sand and cement jointing methods

  • Inhibits weed growth

*Coverage based on paving that is 600x600mm with 20mm deep/10mm wide joint.

Pavetuf Jointing Compound is suitable for pedestrian use areas and is an effective and quick brush in jointing solution, which is fast and easy to apply, saving time and money.

**For full technical information including base preparation, installation, FAQ’s and maintenance see our Guide to Using Jointing Compound. Always read the usage instructions before use.

Product Specifications
Product Suitable
Nominal Weight
per tub (kg)
Nominal Coverage
per tub (m2)
Joint Width
Jointing Compound Porcelain, Stone, Concrete, Ceramic 15 12 10

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