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Stainless Steel Edgings & Inlays

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Pavetuf Stainless Steel Edgings create a decorative profile for the edge of 18-20mm porcelain and stone paving. Designed for use externally, with matching internal and external corner pieces, ideal for creating a clean contemporary finish on raised patio areas, steps, swimming pools and borders.


  • External use decorative profile
  • Made from 316 grade Stainless Steel
  • Internal & External corners available
  • Protect paving edges from chips and impact damage
Pavetuf Aluminium Edging Chart

Pavetuf Stainless Steel Edgings are made from 316 grade Stainless Steel which offers superior resistance to corrosion coming in 2.45 metre straight lengths with Internal and External Corners to help with the ease of installation.