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Channel Drain

  • Channel Drainage System

Our Channel Drains can be used in conjunction with our Catch Basin system to remove standing water from lower areas in the garden or on a patio. They can also take the rainwater away from down pipes and gutters.

There are multiple variations of decorative grates available in our range, allowing you to customise our Channel Drains to your liking.



  • Quick fix design​ with component parts which snap together easily for speedy installation

  • UV inhibitors prevent fading and cracking from the sun​

  • Heel Proof Grates​

  • Channel can be cut to length and joined simply with the coupling​

  • Grates and Channel are durable, lightweight and easy to install ​

  • Recyclable

  • Available in a variety of designs and colours

  • Load class A15/B125 in accordance with EN1433:2003

Pavetuf Decorative Channel Drain system is a perfect choice for both pedestrian and light vehicular traffic areas. The system is tested in accordance with EN 1433:2003 standard and meets A15 and B125 classes.

For full technical information including base preparation, installation, FAQ’s and maintenance see our Guide to Using Pavetuf Channel Drain.

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