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Pavetuf Edge Restraint

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Pavetuf Edge Restraint is a heavy duty, aluminium ‘L’ shaped edging providing a strong, unobtrusive edging solution for hard landscape areas and driveways.

Available in a flexible and non-flexible version, the base of the section incorporates fixing holes to enable it to be secured to an appropriate sub-base. Within the vertical section is a slot along the length to accommodate the supplied joining piece. Available in 9 different depths and thicknesses to suit different applications.


  • This joining system ensures each length joins to the next simply and neatly.
  • The flexible version gives the ability to create any shape or design.
  • For straight line precision, the non-flexible version ensures straight lines and sharp right-angles.
  • Pavetuf Edge Restraints has height options available from 18mm - 150mm.
  • They are extremely strong and highly resistant to heat and suitable for use with hot asphalt surfaces up to 180c.
  • Ideal for creating stylish edges and contrasting designs in conjunction with our Resiscape Resin Bound Aggregates.
  • Suitable for use on driveways as a retaining edge.
Pavetuf Edge Restraint Chart

Pavetuf Decorative Channel Drain system is a perfect choice for both pedestrian and light vehicular traffic areas. The system is tested in accordance with EN 1433:2003 standard and meets A15 and B125 classes.

For full technical information including base preparation, installation, FAQ’s and maintenance see our Guide to Using Pavetuf Channel Drain.