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Straight Aluminium Edging

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Pavetuf Straight Aluminium Edge is the perfect choice for edging our Luxigraze Artificial Grass, lawns, borders, flower beds and pathways giving a neat garden appearance with perfect straight lines, crisp corners, gentle curves and shapes.

Pavetuf Straight Edge gives a defining break between different materials such as gravel, lawns, paving, bark, mulch and much more.


Available in both a straight aluminium edge and a heavy duty straight aluminium edge. Both options come in a large variety of lengths and joining pieces, in a choice of 4 colours.

Why use Aluminium Edging?

  • They are strong and long lasting with a clean edge and are easy to install.

  • They will save hours of future edging work and do not require painting or staining as they do not rust.

  • 4 colour options available

  • Heavy duty option

Pavetuf Aluminium Edging Chart

Pavetuf Straight Edge is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium alloy designed to last at least 25 years, meaning it is very low maintenance with no painting, staining or rusting to worry about. Held securely in place with barbed Fixing Stakes, it is light and easy to handle with a unique telescopic design to make installation quick and easy. Featuring a rounded top edge which will not damage lawn mower blades and a castellated body which gives maximum strength for heavy lawn mowers and prevents lifting by frost. A heavy-duty version gives extra thickness for projects that need even more strength than the standard Pavetuf Straight Edge.